Tools to Improve Decision-Making

Good decision-making is critical for businesses. But it is often impaired by cognitive biases.

At Correlation One, we provide decision training solutions on the frontier of science and technology. We have partnered with innovative government research programs and leading decision scientists to deliver products that are proven to create a lasting change. Equip your teams with the ability to make better decisions every day.

Rationality Quotient Test

Would you like to diagnose the decision-making competencies of your work force?

With Correlation One’s Rationality Quotient (RQ) Test, you can understand how well your employees and job candidates make decisions. Our tests are developed in partnership with the world’s preeminent cognitive scientists and research labs, and incorporate over three decades of theoretical work and empirical research. We also work directly with clients to understand their daily decision challenges, and create unique case briefs and practice questions tailored to your situation.

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Cognitive Games

Tired of dull, ineffective corporate training? Choose a science-backed solution your employees will love!

In partnership with IARPA, the US Air Force, and the ILS Lab at SUNY, we have created a series of video games that are proven to reduce cognitive bias in decision making. Correlation One’s ‘SystemOne Games’ were developed as part of a five-year research project for the U.S. Intelligence Community, and we can customize them to meet the needs of any organization. Serious fun leads to serious results.

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Mindware Augmentation

Could your organization benefit from an executive-level course from one of the world’s leading scholars on decision strategies?

Correlation One has partnered with Professor Baruch Fischhoff to deliver a full-day program that equips your workforce with the fundamental tools for smart thinking, and a playbook for strategic analysis and decision making.  Professor Fischhoff has served as president of the Society for Risk Analysis and the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, and he is a member of both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine.

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