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The need for data scientists is growing exponentially, but few employers are equipped to handle the nuances of this rapidly changing field. That’s where Correlation One comes in.

Your firm’s talent pipeline is crucial to every aspect of your firm, from day-to-day tasks to long-term growth. Bringing in great talent pays for itself many times over by driving innovation and improving operations across your company. Our technology solutions address talent challenges. See the immediate and longstanding impact Correlation One can create.

Quantitative Vetting Platform

A candidate may look good on paper, but without concrete evidence you cannot be confident in their skills. Correlation One has created a comprehensive testing engine for data science, quantitative and technical talent. We have deconstructed the skillsets most crucial to success in a wide range of roles, and developed tests for each and every one. We’ll work with you to determine what skills are vital to your company’s success, and help you assess applicants surgically based on those skills.

Deep Dive Assessments

Need an in-depth evaluation of promising candidates before making an offer? We have developed investigative challenges in various specialty areas to determine if individuals truly understand how to apply and synthesize the skill-sets you are looking for. These challenges mirror on-the-job tasks and projects to assess if candidates are ready to solve real life problems for your organization.

Innovative Talent Sourcing

Correlation One has developed world-class Datathons® that draw in students from across the globe. These exciting competitions have attracted rising data science stars, who work on socially impactful problems and produce concrete results for potential employers to evaluate. The response from potential candidates has been overwhelming – over 5,000 students have signed up to be a part of these events.


Do you have large stacks of resumes and limited time to sift through them? We have developed automated resume scoring tools using our patent-pending algorithm based on cutting-edge machine learning research. Our software learns your preferences and automatically recommends top profiles so you can focus your team’s attention on the most promising individuals.

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