We live in an increasingly data-driven world. 90% of all data in the world was created in just the last two years, and by 2020, over 34 billion objects will be producing data. It has become so critical to business success that the Economist recently declared it the world’s most valuable resource. Yet most working professionals are ill-equipped to navigate and derive value from this precious resource. That’s where Correlation One’s Quantitative Assessment Platform comes in.

About the Quantitative Assessment Platform

Correlation One’s Quantitative Assessment Platform was borne out of a need to establish more rigorous problem solving standards in today’s data-driven environment. It was developed in partnership with panels of elite specialists across the globe, with expertise in fields ranging from computer science to applied mathematics. It has been vetted by the world’s leading industry professionals and academics, who have had tenures at top-tier institutions like Baidu, Bloomberg, Citadel, Tencent, Columbia University, Duke University, and more.

The Quantitative Assessment Platform is an elastic, customizable service that screens candidates’ aptitude for a wide variety of today’s jobs. It focuses on the areas most relevant in today’s data-driven world: (1) mathematics, (2) data engineering & analysis, (3) data modeling, (4) programming languages, and (5) theoretical computer science. These areas are closely aligned with the skills required for success in numerous industries and work domains.

Comprehensive Topic Selection

Correlation One covers 20 different topics across a variety of difficulty levels, ensuring that we can screen for a wide variety of roles. Simply choose the topics that are most important to your organization (or let us do it for you) and let our engine run.

Aggregated and Individual-Level Analytics

Administrators receive access to an interactive dashboard equipped with a full suite of tools to evaluate performance. They can look at applicant pool-level statistics, comparing candidates by overall performance or by specific skills. Correlation One also gives you an in-depth view via candidate-specific reports, which delineate applicant strengths and weaknesses in specific areas.

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