When we make judgments about the world, we like to think that we are objective and logical, capable of evaluating all available information. The reality, however, is that our decisions are impacted by a wide variety of cognitive biases.

People differ in their ability to make good decisions. Rationality (RQ) is a measure of our ability to process information, make accurate judgments, and mitigate the influence of cognitive biases. It is a cognitive measure wholly distinct from algorithmic problem-solving (IQ) or emotional aptitude (EQ), and perhaps more important for individuals and businesses.

About the RQ Test

Correlation One’s RQ Test was established from over three decades of theoretical work and empirical research. It was developed in partnership with the world’s preeminent cognitive scientists and research labs.

The Correlation One Rationality Quotient Test scores individuals for six of the most common cognitive biases: (1) anchoring, (2) confirmation bias, (3) representative bias, (4) projection bias, (5) bias blind spot, and (6) fundamental attribution error.

These six biases are shown to impair decision-making competency across a variety of industries and work domains.

The Rationality Quotient Test was based upon work developed for the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) Sirius Program in partnership with the MITRE Corporation and the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Personalized Reports and Dashboards

Upon completion, test-takers receive access to interactive reports which include personal measurements and explanations for each bias tested.

Administrators are provided with a full suite of tools to evaluate performance in aggregate. Correlation One helps you diagnose specific decision competencies with custom groups, population statistics and leaderboards.

Custom Decision Scenarios

Correlation One also offers custom decision scenarios and practice questions to reinforce learning in domain-specific settings.

Our process delivers maximum impact by contextualizing decision biases within tangible industry scenarios.

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