The Future of Talent Strategy is Here

We all know there is a war for technical talent. And yet, companies compete in this war using tactics that have not changed in years. The result is obvious: traditional recruiting tactics yield average results — the same results as everyone else. In order to outcompete, companies need a new kind of talent strategy, a new kind of talent technology. 

The war for talent is especially fierce in the data science & analytics (DSA) space. Businesses know that data is key to a competitive future, and they need the best data scientists, software engineers and analytical talent to pave the way to that future. However, the relatively recent emergence of these fields means there is scarce supply of candidates and a complete lack of standards to judge these candidates.


Correlation One was founded in 2015 to help companies win the race for data talent. Through novel talent strategies and technologies, Correlation One helps companies identify, evaluate, and train top data scientists around the world.

From rigorous assessments to global competitions, Correlation One has developed an entire platform of technologies to help businesses address their data talent needs. It also has hundreds of relationships with top universities and professional organizations around the world to bridge the gap between data talent and organizations.

In 2016, Correlation One pioneered a new kind of data science competition, the Datathon. Unlike other data science competitions, Datathons feature real-world data sets, and they simulate the life cycle of data science work: from data cleaning to hypothesis formulation to model building. Since 2017, Correlation One has held over 35 Datathons in 5 countries with over 10,000 participants, including students from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Berkeley, and Columbia. The winners of the Datathons won over $800,000 in prizes and exclusive jobs with elite global companies.

Building on its success, Correlation One is now launching its newest product: AI Games. The idea is simple: transform technical assessment into an engaging activity for candidates. Literally make it a game. The company’s AI Games platform is a game-based coding competition, where players code strategies and their strategies battle with one another. The competition aims to identify the world’s best software engineers. The best part: as participants play, sponsoring companies receive rich candidate analytics that gives them a clear view into participant’s problem solving, code quality, algorithmic thinking, and other competencies.

Both Datathons and AI Games coding competitions are effective, innovative talent strategies. Datathons target data analysis skills, while AI Games target software engineering skills, both key components of the data science & analytics toolkit.

Correlation One is gearing up for upcoming AI Games coding competitions and Datathons at Harvard (Sep. 15), Princeton (Sep. 22), MIT (Sep. 29), and Carnegie Mellon and Stanford in October. Pics below are from the latest coding competition at Georgia Tech.


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