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Hear business leaders discuss how data skills and data literacy accelerate business results, increase employee engagement, and rightsize opportunities for underrepresented communities in the workforce.

If you're an executive leading change at an enterprise-scale business, please join the conversation.

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Dr. Carmen Simon

Chief Science Officer, Corporate Visions

Learn how data storytelling impacts the human brain, and how enterprise leaders can enable stronger decision making across the workforce by improving data storytelling skills.

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Best Buy
Podcast Headshot Wes Strait Alternate

Wes Strait

Director, Technology Transformation, Best Buy

In our first episode, hear from Best Buy's Wes Strait how his organization is working to decentralize data literacy and accelerate digital transformation success.

Podcast Headshot Claire Gubian

Claire Gubian

Global VP of Business Transformation, Dataiku

Learn how Claire Gubian is helping Dataiku deliver on its mission of "Everyday AI, Extraordinary People" by advocating for organization-wide data literacy with customers. Bonus - enjoy some ChatGPT-generated haiku.

Podcast Headshot Andy Moore

Dr. Andy Moore

Chief Data Officer, Bentley Motors

Dr. Andy Moore of Bentley Motors explains how he is building the engine for digital transformation with data literacy - and why upskilling is an essential piece of his roadmap.

Point72 Logo
Podcast Headshot Tara Stokes

Tara Stokes

Principal, Point72 Ventures

Tara Stokes, Principal on the Deep Tech Team at Point72 Ventures, talks to Mark Palmer about how her team identifies generative AI innovators and why humans with data skills are critical for the most effective AI solutions.

Humana black
Podcast Headshot David Ciommo

David Ciommo

Data Visualization Principal, Humana

David Ciommo, Data Visualization Principal at Humana, talks to Mark Palmer about data storytelling and its critical impact on enterprise decision making, and how his art background influences his collaborative process. 

carmen simon headshot

Dr. Carmen Simon

Chief Science Officer, Corporate Visions

Dr. Carmen Simon, Chief Science Officer of Corporate Visions, discusses the impact of data storytelling on the human brain, and how improved data communication enables decision making across the workforce.

Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer is Correlation One's Mentor of Program Mentors and a member of our Advisory Board. As the former GM of Analytics for TIBCO, he was head of products and engineering for data science, analytics, MDM, and data products.

Palmer was the CEO of Streambase, named one of the world's most innovative solutions by the World Economic Forum in 2009. Streambase was acquired by TIBCO in 2013. He writes about how data transforms the enterprise on his website, Techno Sapien.

Podcast Mark Palmer
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Correlation One

Correlation One helps enterprises close data and digital skill gaps to develop talent for the jobs of tomorrow.

We are committed to helping enterprises future-proof their workforces and create a more diverse data ecosystem through global programs like our Data Science for All (DS4A) initiative, custom training for enterprises, and data competitions.

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