Turn AI Anxiety into Action: Effective Upskilling Strategies

See how upskilling your workforce changes generative AI fear into functional expertise on July 24th.

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July 24th at 12 pm EDT | 9 am PDT

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Hear from the experts

Mark Palmer
Host, Data Humanized Podcast

Mark Palmer is one of Correlation One's Program Mentors and the Host of the Data Humanized Podcast. As the former GM of Analytics for TIBCO, he was the head of products and engineering for data science, analytics, MDM, and data products. Palmer was also the CEO of Streambase, named one of the world's most innovative solutions by the World Economic Forum in 2009. Streambase was acquired by TIBCO in 2013. Today, he writes about how data transforms the enterprise on his website, Techno Sapien.

Matt Hoffberg

Matt oversees Correlation One’s product strategy and leads the product management, design, and learning experience teams. Prior to joining Correlation One, Matt led Pearson Education’s digital innovation team for higher education and workforce skills and was CEO of an edtech startup focused on digital transcripts. Earlier in his career, Matt led the development of Macromedia’s flagship product initiative (Studio), which helped establish the core of Adobe’s Creative Cloud when Macromedia was acquired by Adobe.

Diana Spehar
Responsible AI Consultant

Diana is a leading AI expert and a Correlation One Program Mentor. She leads Artemis E, a consultancy focusing on responsible AI strategy, advising clients on strategic AI applications, and executive content development on generative AI. With over a decade of experience in tech strategy, implementation, and policy, Diana has advised top-tier firms like Sky, O2 Virgin Media, and EY on critical topics including AI ethics, cybersecurity, data transformation, and digital inclusion.

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