Discover How Correlation One Now Works with Amazon Career Choice

Through the Amazon Career Choice program, Correlation One provides enterprise training to upskill Amazon’s hourly employees.


Correlation One Amazon Career Choice Announcement

Correlation One is pleased to announce that two of our enterprise training tracks have been added to Amazon Career Choice offerings, providing the company’s hourly employees access to data, analytics and other digital skills necessary to help them prepare for well-paying digital jobs of tomorrow.

The Correlation One offerings available now through Amazon Career Choice include:

“We collaborated closely with Amazon’s leaders to create these custom training tracks for Amazon employees, so that the employees could prepare for fulfilling careers in jobs that require data and analytics fluency,” said Sham Mustafa, Correlation One’s co-founder and co-CEO. “We share Amazon’s belief that investing in talent at every organizational level is an investment in the future of individuals and the enterprise itself.”

Mustafa continued. “And, of course, this kind of talent development initiative is beneficial to the broader labor market as the data & analytics skill are in short supply across the board. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [EEOC], there are over 30 million Americans working on the frontlines as hourly employees. Developing their skills and abilities is a value we share with Amazon, and it’s a real investment in the nation’s economy, too. We’re excited to watch the talent we nurture grow and expand into higher paying, fulfilling positions in a range of industries.”

Tammy Thieman, Global Program Lead of Amazon’s Career Choice program expressed enthusiasm for the work Correlation One will be undertaking with Amazon’s employees.

“We’re committed to empowering our employees by providing them access to education and training they need to grow their careers,” said Thieman, adding that over 50,000 Amazon employees globally have participated in the company’s Career Choice program since it launched in 2012. “We’ve seen firsthand how it can transform their lives.”

As with all Correlation One and Amazon Career Choice programs, the trainings are provided free to learners and funded by Amazon.

Furthermore, Amazon Career Choice participants who enroll in Correlation One programs receive extensive career coaching and extended job placement support as they prepare for jobs not only within Amazon but also at other major companies as they advance their professional careers.

Amazon’s Career Choice: Building Tomorrow’s Talent, Today

Amazon’s Career Choice program is a remarkable education benefit that empowers employees to learn new skills for career success at Amazon and beyond.  

The program meets individual learners where they are on their education journey through a variety of education and upskilling opportunities including full college tuition, industry certifications designed to lead to in-demand jobs, and foundational skills such as English language proficiency, high school diplomas, and GEDs.

In the U.S., Amazon is investing $1.2 billion to upskill more than 300,000 employees by 2025 to help move them into higher-paying, in-demand jobs.

Amazon’s Career Choice program has a rigorous selection process for third-party partner educators, choosing partners like Correlation One that are focused on helping employees through their education programs, assisting them with job placements, and overall offering education that leads to career success.

Correlation One: Developing Data Talent

As a technology company with a mission to create equal access to the data-driven jobs of tomorrow, Correlation One believes that data literacy is the most important skill for the future of work —and fundamental to long-term business success.

“We’re equally committed to helping talent from traditionally underrepresented groups [Black, women, Latinx, LGBTQ+, veterans, etc.] acquire knowledge necessary to advance their careers in a world that demands more and more data literacy and proficiency,” said Mustafa.

“Through our innovative training programs,” added Rasheed Sabar, Correlation One’s co-founder and co-CEO, “we unlock data fluency for individuals and companies around the world. And we’re actively building partnerships with forward-thinking corporations and governments that realize upskilling today’s talent is a winning strategy for both employees and employers.”

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