Empowering the Next Wave of Data Leaders: Point72 Reaffirms Its Commitment to DS4A

We are delighted to announce the renewal of Point72 Asset Management’s partnership with the Data Skills for All (DS4A) initiative, a program dedicated to democratizing access to data science education and opportunity. Led by Correlation One, DS4A focuses on empowering individuals from underrepresented communities by providing them with essential training, mentorship, and career opportunities in the fields of data science, analytics, and engineering. 

Since its launch in 2019, DS4A has provided free training and career development to over 5,000 emerging data professionals. As an inaugural partner, Point72's support has been instrumental for DS4A, enabling no-cost fellowships that provide comprehensive training, resources, and opportunities to aspiring data professionals from historically underrepresented communities.

A Partnership Rooted in Mentorship and Opportunity

Point72’s involvement with DS4A transcends financial support, extending into hands-on action through mentorship and professional development. Point72’s experienced professionals dedicate their own time to nurturing emerging data leaders who participate in the DS4A program. This holistic approach is crucial in nurturing talent in the data science field, providing aspiring data professionals with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed.

"Mentorship is the cornerstone of professional development, especially in the dynamic field of data science,” said Andrew Strong, Correlation One’s Chief Operating Officer. “We have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact it has on our DS4A fellows. Point72's team doesn’t just share knowledge; they inspire, challenge, and open doors for our fellows, fostering a learning environment where mentorship translates into real-world success and career growth. We are immensely grateful for Point72's continued commitment to the program and DS4A fellows."

Bridging Talent and Opportunity

The partnership takes a pragmatic approach by aligning Point72’s proprietary research team, Market Intelligence, with DS4A's vision and programming. Together, they work towards sourcing, training, and hiring candidates for pivotal roles, including data scientists, data engineers, and fundamental research analysts. This synergy not only empowers individuals but also enriches Point72 with new hires that bring diverse perspectives and innovative thinking.

“Point72 is a meritocracy and our ability to hire the best candidates with diverse mindsets, skillsets and backgrounds—and empower them to be the best versions of themselves—is key to our success,” said Richard Zheng, Head of Market Intelligence Analytics at Point72. “DS4A has helped us expand the funnel of our candidate pool and continue to raise the bar on our hiring standards. We are proud to be partnering with Correlation One to support this effort.”

The Impact on Emerging Professionals

DS4A fellows have benefited immensely from this partnership, gaining invaluable insights and opportunities. Their journeys are a testament to the power of targeted mentorship and career guidance in unlocking potential and fostering professional growth.

“In addition to offering technical training, resources, and mentorship, the DS4A initiative provides a great platform to connect with individuals who are passionate about harnessing the power of data,” said Oliver Lei, a 2023 DS4A Fellow and Data Scientist on the Market Intelligence team. “Given my strong interest in data science, the program provides critical exposure to new applications of data and allows me to leverage data in unique and interesting ways.”