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Are your cross-functional teams struggling to collaborate on data initiatives?

Correlation One delivers data storytelling training to help close the skills and communication gap between analytics, technology, and business teams.

Data Storytelling training by Correlation One
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your dAtA, Your Use Cases

Define and source real-world data challenges faced by your organization as capstone projects for learners - and achieve immediate business impact.

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softbank creates cost-savings from data skills training

The Problem

Softbank’s portfolio companies struggled to unlock the power of AI due to a lack of data literacy skills.

The Solution

Correlation One structured an 11-week upskilling program across Softbank’s portfolio companies. Based on the training, algorithms were created to optimize logistics and routing and develop innovative credit models.

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Annual savings created from AI-enabled solutions via training

"The quality and thoroughness of the projects were astounding. The tools built by the program participants will have immediate business impact."

Laura Gaviria Halaby

Head of Partnerships & Strategic Initiatives, Softbank

Why Correlation One?

Virtual instructor-led training cohorts

Expert-led training cohorts

90%+ completion rates. Increased collaboration. Higher content engagement and retention. Better learning outcomes.

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Data-driven decision making

Bespoke curriculum design

Training is structured around your technology stack. Lessons and projects are built to address your business challenges.

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Scalable, effective enterprise training

Measurable, scalable impact

Measure program efficacy with pre/post assessments. Deliver real-world business results with impactful capstone projects.

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learning experiences that deliver business results

The best data and digital training experiences are created with Correlation One.

Correlation One training increases data storytelling skills

Satisfaction in data-driven storytelling


Pre- to post-training increase in fundamental data literacy scores


Hundreds of customized, learner-led projects achieving business outcomes

Unlock data storytelling skills for your organization

Enable data-driven decisions everywhere

Generative AI Exec Workshop LP@2x (1)

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Correlation One can close the communication gap and maximize your data's value.