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DS4A Fellows go through technical and professional skills training to help them get prepared for the next steps in their data careers. But often, there is a gap between what's learned in the classroom and in the real world. DS4A Mentors bridge this gap by sharing their real-world experience and industry expertise. 

They help Fellows scope the business impact of capstone projects and provide individual guidance on important soft skills to focus on.

Mentorship is a unique opportunity to not only guide a group of talented individuals but also to learn from their diverse perspectives and backgrounds. 


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DS4A Mentors come from diverse backgrounds and industries and are committed to contributing to a more equitable future of the data workspace. 

"DS4A mentorship provided me with nice insight into the diversity of the background of Fellows. This was very helpful for my own experience and understanding of how to frame different ideas"

Andrew Ho, Product Analyst Hubspot

"I am blown away by how much my mentees are accomplishing. They inspire me and remind me why I became a data scientist in the first place"

Elyse Kadokura, Sr. Data Scientist Starbucks

"I'm always surprised about how much I grow when I'm mentoring. It often leads to a lot of self-awareness as you think of how you can apply your experience to guide others. "

Ashley Harris, Head of Data Science and Analytics Havas Media


What makes DS4A unique? 

To make a meaningful impact on representation in data roles, companies must focus on supply-side measures: the raw number of qualified underrepresented applicants must be significantly increased. The percentage of data-driven professionals is - like STEM roles generally - skews away from specific demographic groups. As algorithms and data govern more elements of our lives, this becomes a problem; and if data is power, we need programs like DS4A / Data Engineering, which make sure there’s more equal access to the jobs of the future.

What's the time commitment for mentors? 

Mentors spend approximately 12 hours over the 17-week program. Mentors are welcome to join additional networking and educational events, as well as the project presentations, but it is not a requirement.

How can this impact my firm's recruiting goals? 

Correlation One will select the top applicants to participate in the program as Fellows. Employer Partner firms will have multiple opportunities to interface with these candidates directly throughout the program, in addition to receiving comprehensive recruitment data for all, including data profiles.

How will this impact my firm's talent brand? 

By providing Mentors, Employer Partners for the program publicly affirm their commitment to solving the problem of representation in data and analytics. Correlation One will actively promote each Employer Partner across email, social, and PR channels leading up to, during, and after the program. Employer Partners will also have the opportunity to speak throughout the program and share insights about what makes their organization a category leader and a champion for diversity and inclusion.

Can I nominate or participate as a Mentor without sponsoring? 

Yes. We are accepting Mentor nominations from top-tier organizations. Fill out the application form or contact us via the link below to get in touch. Mentors can contribute as a part of an Employer Partnership or they can join DS4A independently.

Who should apply to be a mentor? 

Mentorship spots are reserved for data professionals with at least 5 years of industry experience. DS4A Mentors come from diverse industries and share a common passion of contributing to the careers of younger generations. 

How do I apply?

Our mentor application is a simple, three-step process. First, fill out our interest form, which should take about 3 minutes. After you complete this form, if it's a fit, a member of our team will reach out to schedule a phone screening to provide more details on the program and answer any questions.  Finally, once the phone screening is completed, we will ask you to confirm your spot by providing more information on your background and interests.

When is the program taking place?

The program runs for 16 weeks of class, with several weeks off, from March to July 2022. Classes are held virtually only on Saturdays, the total time commitment for the program is approximately 15 hours per week on weeks when there is class. Please reference the program brochure for the exact schedule.

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Mentorship is a 12-hour commitment over the course of the 15-week program. 

If you are interested in volunteering as a DS4A Mentor, please complete this application form and we'll get in touch for the next steps