Correlation One Ranked #6 on LinkedIn's Top Startups 2022 List in U.S.

Selection criteria for  LinkedIn Top Startups 2022  include the ability to attract exceptional talent, job interest, employment growth, and community engagement.


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Today LinkedIn honored Correlation One, an industry-leading  data training provider, through recognition on LinkedIn’s Top Startups 2022 list for the United States.

The company was ranked sixth on the list.

As in prior years, the list is populated with renowned and fast-growing American startups, such as Discord and MasterClass, both of which were honored in 2021.

Fittingly for Correlation One, LinkedIn’s selection process is rooted in a data-driven methodology that taps into data collected by the platform and sourced via LinkedIn Talent Insights. Honorees must be independent, privately held, and be 7 years old or younger.



“Each year, this award recognizes companies that have done well in a number of areas,” said Rasheed Sabar, Correlation One Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “In our case, it reflects our sustained growth in the team, the strong interest our positions hold for job seekers, and the fact that so much of our in-house talent comes from prominent, well-established companies. It’s also a reflection of the vibrant community of learners and clients we have built as the market leading data skills provider.”

Currently, the official Correlation One LinkedIn page has over 26,000 followers who regularly engage with us on the topics of data science, mentoring, career readiness, and more.

“This award is a great compliment to us and our brand,” added Shamsudeen Mustafa, Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “LinkedIn has been crucial to helping us not only attract talent but also connect with clients and prospects. It’s by far the most significant, most powerful social media platform in our marketing and employer branding endeavors, and it has helped us attract the talent we need to fuel our startup’s growth.”

Our Journey to End the Global Data Talent Crisis

Over the past 7 years, Correlation One has grown to almost 80 full-time team members and hundreds of contractors.

Working together, they provide direct and indirect support for our award-winning stateside data training programs — including Data Science for All (DS4A) — as well as initiatives in South America and the Middle East designed to increase data literacy.

Within the last year, Correlation One has added cybersecurity training while also expanding offerings to companies seeking custom training solutions designed to upskill or reskill their workforces. (One notable client is Amazon, through their Amazon Career Choice program.)

“For all of this growth, however, it’s important to note that our programs are still offered 100% free to learners, thanks to partnerships with companies and governments that recognize the urgent need to access, develop, and train talent to power data-driven businesses responsibly, ethically, and at scale,” said Sabar.

“Enterprises need data skills to thrive. They need both data literacy and fluency to ensure successful technology investments and fuel their inhouse data transformations,” added Mustafa. “At the same time, we’re addressing a global talent crisis. Companies need data talent to power growth, but there are many blockers to talent development. These obstacles range from structural inequities that have held certain groups back to a dearth of affordable, high-quality, career readiness training.”

“Our training methodologies, pedagogy, curriculum, when paired with businesses and leaders who see the potential we’re unlocking for their organizations and national economies, are impactful. Together with our Employer Partners and Mentors, we’re transforming lives and bottom lines,” said Sabar, “We’re doing all of this work equitably, too. In every meeting, we keep diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives top of mind. We’re committed to creating professional onramps for emerging data talent in groups traditionally underrepresented in industries like health care, insurance, consulting, and financial services.”

Opportunities to Grow with Correlation One

Similar to others in this post-pandemic age, Correlation One’s leadership team has embraced a remote-first workforce to secure the talent needed to power the start-up’s own robust growth strategy.

“We’ve built this business with very little external capital,” said Sabar. “That’s in large measure due to whom we’ve been able to hire internally and partner with externally.”

“Our team is distributed around the globe, from New York to Karachi, Pakistan — and beyond,” said Andrew Strong, COO. “They’re a gifted group of people who work tirelessly to advance our shared mission.”

“The opportunities here are boundless. We’re a high-growth company, with facets of the organization being created and advanced every day by some of the most innovative minds in the business,” added Sarah Petsis, Senior Director, Client Success.

So, what are Correlation One’s leaders, hiring managers, and recruiters seeking when they expand their teams?

“Grit, critical thinking, adaptability,” said Shane Wilson, Senior Director of Sales. “We need flexible thinkers who can figure out how to connect their roles to the company’s big picture goals in a rapidly changing environment.” 

Matt Hoffberg, Senior Vice President of Product, said he likes to see applicants “demonstrate drive by showcasing past accomplishments that required perseverance. We also like to see evidence of a candidate’s emotional and intellectual intelligence as well as the inspiration to contribute to a greater cause: providing equal access to the jobs of tomorrow.”

“We are looking for top talent to help support our expanding programs,” added Nikki Miller, Talent Acquisition Manager, ”and we regularly remind our LinkedIn followers about our new job openings.” 

Beyond competitive salaries and the opportunity to be part of something transformative, benefits include an annual international offsite, unlimited technical training, and generous time off. 

 “2022 has been an incredible year,” Mustafa said. “We launched several new programs. We’ve grown considerably in staff headcount. Fast Company honored us back in the spring as a ‘World Changing Idea.’ Now, the LinkedIn recognition only adds to the excitement. We hope this award inspires others to step forward and join us.”

Wondering what a more data-savvy workforce could do for your company? Interested in hiring data talent from diverse groups to drive change? Talk to us.

Publish date: September 28, 2022