Spaulding Ridge: How One Company Transformed Their Data Team

Learn how (and why) Spaulding Ridge  is investing in a new generation of technology consultants from diverse backgrounds.

Spaulding Ridge How One Company Transformed Their Data Team | Correlation One | September 2022

An award-winning global cloud advisory and implementation firm that helps leading companies deploy Best-in-Cloud solutions, Spaulding Ridge enables organizations to accelerate operational efficiency, drive digital transformation, and increase competitive advantage. 

The firm partners with digitally savvy companies to help: 

  • Finance gain control: Increase top-line revenue, gross margins, and profits through better insight; connect financial planning to strategy and automate financial close processes.
  • Sales increase productivity: Manage quota and territories more consistently and effectively; automate customer contracts and onboarding.
  • Operations drive efficiency: Improve supply chain agility, automate strategic sourcing and purchasing; deliver superior customer service experiences. 

Central to the Chicago-based firm’s success is securing a talented workforce that is adept with data modeling, specifically Anaplan’s innovative connected planning solution

That, as many business leaders know, is easier said than done. 

Identifying the Challenge 

In 2021, Spaulding Ridge’s leadership realized they needed to support their high growth with a stronger, more robust pipeline of high-quality talent. They also needed to find individuals who were adept at both working with and talking about data.

“The need for analytics has never been greater,” said Kevin Josephson, the company’s Chief Delivery Officer.

With over two decades in the management consultant field helping companies of all sizes with their sales performance management, Kevin knew that to scale his company’s delivery teams globally, he needed to ensure consistent, quality results for clients. 

Success in that endeavor hinges on more than just selecting the right solution or technology. Talented, skilled people are the primary drivers of business excellence.

To reflect Spaulding Ridge’s company values, Kevin and the rest of the Spaulding Ridge leadership team wanted to lean into larger conversations about equity and inclusion and the important role diversity plays in their company’s service delivery. 

In turn, this led them toward seeking ways to intentionally nurture and build relationships with emerging talent from groups historically underrepresented in data analytics and data modeling — people with fresh, diverse points of view. 

They had the foresight to see how DEI hiring efforts could positively impact not only their company but also their clients. 

Next came the hard question: On whom could they rely for help?

Selecting the Right Partner

Spaulding Ridge took a chance on a then-upstart data analytics training provider: Correlation One. 

They became one of our first and largest Employer Partners, cultivating and hiring diverse talent through Anaplan for All, an innovative, synchronous learning program.

In addition to providing world-class data training, the program focused on training emerging data talent from historically marginalized communities, including BIPOC individuals, Women, Hispanic / Latinx, LGBTQ+, Veterans, and Refugees.

Yet rather than just writing a check and sitting at their desks to see what happened next, Spaulding Ridge leaders leaned into the work.

For instance, the company’s technical and recruiting personnel hosted an information session with trainees (“Fellows”). This helped to raise awareness about the company and its employer brand, a critical step in both attracting emergent talent and educating them about their career options. 

Remarkably, they also provided 14 Mentors. This group notably included members of the firm’s senior leadership who inspired other team members to step up and provide career guidance, technical advice, and access to professional networks. 

Reaping the Rewards

The outcomes aligned neatly with the company’s original goals. Spaulding Ridge has made 14 hires from our pool of Fellows and Alumni, moving the needle upward dramatically on employee headcount and diversity. 

Plus, their investment in our award-winning data training programs — always offered 100% free to learners — helped us expand our own offerings substantially. 

The Takeaway

Once they declared a commitment to investing in data and DEI talent, Spaulding Ridge narrowed in on their specific needs, clarified objectives, secured a partner provider, and invested time and money to bring about their objectives. 

“They’ve attracted new talent, diversified their team, demonstrated remarkable servant leadership, and burnished their employer brand,” said Yuliya Spektorsky, Correlation One’s Senior Client Success Manager. “It’s an impressive list of achievements within a relatively short time frame. We can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.”

Think your company might want to follow Spaulding Ridge’s lead? Wondering what a more data-savvy workforce could do? Interested in hiring data talent from diverse groups to drive change? Talk to us.

Publish date: September 13, 2022