Leading a Digital Transformation? Remember Your “People Stack”

In our latest white paper, we help leaders like you explore why investing in training is critical to your organization's digital transformation.

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A successful data transformation is about more than simply growing your company's tech stack with a quick, one-time investment.

It's best thought of as an extended campaign — a continuous process to be completed in phases — that is monitored, evaluated, and adapted so as to fit your company's unique needs and business objectives. 

And, yes, while this may require a significant investment in technology, it’s at least as important to develop and fine tune your workforce’s digital skills and data literacy, too.

In our newest white paper — It’s Not Your Tech Stack, It’s Your “People Stack”— we explore these ideas more fully, emphasizing the important role that data training plays in an organization's digital transformation.

Remember: Companies that invest in training and tech in tandem as part of their digital transformation may vastly increase their chances of success in leveraging the power of data. (And they’ll be better positioned to see bottom-line benefits, too.)

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Publish date: July 26, 2022