AI will prove to be the biggest megatrend in history.  We believe the biggest problem in AI is actually people.

Correlation One helps enterprises and workers succeed in the data economy.  We offer the world’s best data literacy training programs, we have helped set the standard for data & AI skills, and we help organizations discover talented individuals that biased resume review processes overlook.

We are building a global AI talent ecosystem.  And we are deeply committed to ensuring a more diverse & inclusive AI ecosystem.  Through our Data Science For All programs, we offer free training in data & analytics to members of underrepresented communities with a goal of creating equal access to the jobs of tomorrow.  We are reimagining the business model of education, and the pathway from training to jobs

Check out a video from one of our programs here.

As we grow, we’re searching for software engineers who are excited to create software in a collaborative, decentralized environment.

What excites us in a candidate:
     - Open source contributions or personal coding-related projects.

     - Interest in web development. We use python and JavaScript.
     - Interest in developer tooling or infrastructure.
     - Strong belief that code is best written collaboratively.
     - Desire to learn from and teach others.
     - Ability to deal with ambiguity and communicate well with cross-functional teams.
     - Compassionate understanding of the user experience.

As we scale, we’ve designed an engineering organization that is optimized for maintainability and knowledge transfer among engineers. We believe a 10x engineer is somebody who makes other engineers ten times as productive through technical leverage.

If you’re interested, please apply below. If you have any questions, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!