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Since launching in 2015, we have built an expert community of 250,000+ data scientists and 600+ partnerships with businesses, universities, and data science organizations in the US, UK, Canada, China, and Latin America.

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As our engineering team continues to grow, we seek talented engineers with an interest in testing software.

Testing represents the linchpin of our development process. Our approach to testing approximates scientific thinking, providing vital feedback with regards to the extent that our implementation fulfills product and design oriented perspectives. That being said, testing at our company is highly dynamic, requiring the test engineer to balance competing priorities to reduce risk around software delivery.

We value both manual and automated approaches.

The most important trait for this role is a scientific mindset rather than knowledge of specific tools. Good testers derive satisfaction from helping their teammates and are not afraid to express setbacks.

As a consequence, we are open to hiring people from diverse educational backgrounds and career trajectories (e.g., people with a background in scientific research).

As an engineering team, we strongly value and foster a learning environment where individual contributors are encouraged to grow. If you are interested in improving your programming skills, this role is likely a good fit.

The tools for the job evolve dynamically, and a hands-on approach is highly valued. A good test engineer balances tactical manual testing with augmentation of more sophisticated automated testing according to the needs of the team.

Most importantly, strong candidates require strong written communication skills. Development within our remote system requires adept asynchronous communication. Good communication is purposeful and concise.

To guide your decision making process, knowledge of our toolset might be helpful:

  • Selenium (using Python bindings) is used for end-to-end user-interface based integration testing across our product stack.
  • We write most code in Python, using Django on some products and Flask on others.
  • Our engineering practice is heavily based on peer-review and pairing to maximize maintainability of the codebase and diffuse knowledge across the team.
  • Frontend applications are written in Javascript with React.
  • We rely heavily on git/github and bash.

Please do not worry if you don’t meet all these needs! We can tailor the role around your skills, as long as you’re excited to test stuff and you value communication.

Here are some examples of efforts currently underway on the testing front:

Correlation One uses a cloud based workspace to teach students about data-science. We need to ensure that the individual lessons (which include code) run properly.

  • Manually run the code in certain lessons to ensure optimal student experience.
  • Build a test harness that automates student experience of certain types of lessons.
  • Manually test changes to the website used as a portal during training events.

We also offer a dashboard that employers use to identify talented candidates.

  • Manually inspect this website for bugs.
  • Write automated user interface tests that mimic user behavior.
  • Document manual testing processes.
  • Write performance tests in Javascript to ensure the application works under heavy load.

Beyond these specific examples, test engineers play a heavily role in releases and peer-review.

As an early member of Correlation One's test engineering team, you will enjoy some nice benefits:

  • Autonomy: Rather that relying on hierarchical command, we encourage engineers to work independently, identifying and advocating for avenues to reduce risk.
  • Sharpen your programming fundamentals: The role requires the use of git (version control software) and bash/command-line.
  • Master advanced testing topics, including integration testing through selenium and performance testing with k6.

If you’re interested, please apply below. If you have any questions, please contact us at engineering-recruiting@correlation-one.com. We look forward to hearing from you!