How generative AI real-world projects drive upskilling ROI

How generative AI real-world projects drive upskilling ROI

A staggering 78% of executives highlight scaling AI and machine learning as their top priority for creating business value over the next three years. However, most don’t yet use the technology to drive positive business outcomes. 

As a people leader, you can move the generative AI agenda forward by aligning talent, technology, and upskilling initiatives at your organization.

Keep reading to understand the critical role real-world projects play in generative AI upskilling. 


Why generative AI projects produce immediate business results

Mark Palmer, the Data Humanized Podcast Host and former CEO of Streambase, explains the pivotal role that people leaders need to have for generative AI upskilling to be effective. Watch the video below to:

  • Understand the value of applying generative AI skills to tangible, real-world projects
  • See how a global Fortune 100 company applied generative AI to fuel cost-savings 


The impact of Correlation One's generative AI capstone projects 

A global, Fortune 100, consumer brand saved its team 60 hours of work monthly with a capstone project that automated manual reporting processes. Here’s how they achieved this result. 

Carmen, a senior manager, and John, a strategy director, identified their complex reporting process as a critical problem to solve. As a result, they made it the focus of their capstone project.

Together, the pair improved the reporting process with generative AI by: 

  1. Analyzing and cleaning datasets with ChatGPT
  2. Identifying tasks to supplement with generative AI such as data formatting and insight generation
  3. Iterating on ChatGPT prompts to achieve intended business outcomes 

Results like Carmen and John’s are only possible when employees can apply their learnings as part of the upskilling process. Without real-world, capstone projects:

  • Employees struggle to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and skills application
  • Achieving a strong training ROI is difficult
Generative AI Capstone Projects


Our generative AI training program equips your workforce with the knowledge and advanced skills that employees need to drive business results from within their specific roles and functions.



It's time to take action on generative AI

By working with Correlation One to implement real-world projects, customers get live virtual classes led by experts with customized content, one-on-one coaching, and in-depth reports. Through this comprehensive solution, our enterprise customers can quickly realize cost savings and revenue opportunities from workforce development initiatives.

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Publish date: June 21, 2024