Introducing Data Humanized: A New Podcast On the Data Economy of Tomorrow

Correlation One is proud to present Data Humanized: a new podcast dedicated to exploring how data is transforming enterprises and the entire workforce.


What is Data Humanized?

Data Humanized is a monthly show where business leaders discuss how they are using data skills and data literacy to accelerate growth, increase employee engagement, and rightsize opportunities for underrepresented communities in the workforce. In each episode, we bring you the unique dual perspective of leaders driving organizational change—and the real-life, human stories of people who are gaining access to life-changing opportunities through the data jobs of the future. 

Why did we create Data Humanized? 

Business leaders today are bombarded by messages about data’s importance. But finding ways to use data to achieve transformative results, improve equitable access to jobs of the future, and create competitive advantages is difficult and expensive—and there’s no playbook for the needs of the enterprise.

What’s missing is concrete answers on what will work at scale: How are companies like Best Buy, Dataiku, and Bentley Motors tackling these issues? What have they discovered about the relationship between data literacy and the data economy’s jobs of tomorrow—and how that translates into a competitive advantage for the present and future? 

Data Humanized  answers these questions, and reframes the conversation about the business impact of data by focusing on an organization’s most precious resource: its people. 

Who is on Data Humanized? 

On each episode of Data Humanized, you’ll get an exclusive seat for important conversations between enterprise executives and other subject matter experts to discover how data will continue transforming businesses—and, most importantly, what strategies they recommend for taking action.

Tune in to Data Humanized for conversations with data and digital transformation leaders like: 

  • Wes Strait, Director of Technology Transformation at Best Buy
  • Claire Gubian, Global VP of Business Transformation at Dataiku
  • Dr. Andy Moore, Chief Data Officer at Bentley Motors

DH guests

Data Humanized is hosted by Correlation One Advisory Board member and Mentor of Program Mentors, Mark Palmer. As the former GM of Analytics for TIBCO, Mark was head of products and engineering for data science, analytics, MDM, and data products. Mark was the CEO of Streambase, named one of the world's most innovative solutions by the World Economic Forum in 2009, and acquired by TIBCO in 2013. Mark frequently writes about how data is transforming the enterprise on his website, Techno Sapien.

How to tune in

You can access episodes of Data Humanized on the following platforms: 

How to get involved

Are you an enterprise leader with perspectives on transforming organizations with data? Share them as a guest on Data Humanized! Get in touch.