Hosted by Citadel and Citadel Securities, in partnership with Correlation One, the Data Open and Terminal Live are the most prestigious data science and coding competition for university students.

In addition to our regional events across the US, Canada, UK, and Continental Europe, the Spring season will feature two new events: Asia-Pacific (APAC) Datathon and Eastern Europe Terminal!

Both in Datathons and Terminal Live events, top-performing students have the opportunity to win $25,000 in cash prizes, exclusive recruiting opportunities with Citadel, and global recognition. 

Terminal Live

data science competition. Terminal live. AI coding competition.

Terminal is an online game where players code strategies (i.e. algorithms) to automate head-to-head play in a turn-based strategy game. 

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Datathons and the Data Open

Data Science Competition. The Data Open

The Data Open brings the best quantitative minds and aspiring data scientists, where participants have an opportunity to showcase their skills as they tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems in the global market. In each competition, students are provided a series of complex datasets created Correlation One which they are required to analyze, use real-world findings, and then prepare a report of their discoveries to a panel of judges. Participants work in groups of four and the winners take home a total of $25,000 in cash prizes!

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Why Are We Excited About “Live Online” Events

While we are sad that we won’t be able to engage with our participants in person, we are using the socially-distanced virtual environment to provide a diverse platform where we can also preserve the best elements from physical live events. Without the schedule constraints and logistical challenges of a physical event, we are now able to offer a more accommodative schedule for participants and give them ample opportunities to network with our program partners and business reps. 

The live online events will help us create an even more diverse event, and provide opportunities for participants in untapped sources to showcase their skills!