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Correlation One Delivers Keynote and Launches C1 Assessments in China at Shanghai Data Talent Summit

On July 12, our Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Sham Mustafa, delivered the keynote address at 51job's Data Talent Summit in Shanghai, presenting talent market trends and a vision for the future of the data talent market to an audience of over 500 HR leaders.

At the event, Correlation One and 51job also announced a strategic partnership to distribute C1 Assessments in China. 51job is China's leading HR technology company, with over 300 million daily website visitors and over 42 million average job applications per week.

China: Data's Greatest Frontier

At Correlation One, we believe that data science and AI is poised to massively transform all industries, and that in many cases, Chinese firms will be leading the new data frontier.

China generated 7.6 zettabytes of data in 2018 (a zettabyte is roughly 1 trillion gigabytes). By 2025, its data output is expected to grow to 48.6 zettabytes, representing 28 percent of the global datasphere. In total, data science and AI technologies are estimated to contribute over $7 Trillion to China's GDP by 2030.

China's problem isn't data, it's people. Despite producing the most data, and receiving the most AI and data science investment of any country, China faces a severe shortage of skilled data talent. Many of China's top AI and data science students leave their home country for universities and firms abroad, and Chinese employers often struggle to find qualified professionals to lead their data organizations.

Correlation One Delivers Keynote and Launches C1 Assessments in China

To capitalize on the enormous AI opportunity, Chinese firms are looking for new standards and processes for attracting, evaluating, and training data science and AI talent.

C1 Assessments + 51Job

We were thrilled to visit Shanghai this past week to share our perspectives on the data talent market, and offer strategies for companies in China to elevate their data organizations. More importantly, we were excited to announce the China launch of C1 Assessments, our industry-leading data skills assessment technology.

In 2018, we partnered with 51job (NASDAQ: JOBS), China's leading HR technology company, to provide our data talent solutions to 51job's enterprise clients. With over 100 million registered members, 300 million daily website visitors, and 500,000 enterprise clients, we could not have asked for a better partner.

With 51job's help, we have rebuilt our assessment technology from the ground up to fit the unique needs of China's biggest employers. Now, we are excited to bring our solutions to the biggest data talent market in the world.

Correlation One Delivers Keynote and Launches C1 Assessments in China
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