Across industries, women hold less than 27% of Data Science and Analytics roles despite representing 47% of the U.S. workforce.  

Among the women who land these jobs, many ultimately wind up dropping out of STEM careers altogether because they lack the support necessary to successfully navigate a field overwhelmingly dominated by men. But the challenges companies face in finding and retaining women in the Data & Analytics space begin even earlier in the talent pipeline. Employers seeking to create workforces reflective of our diverse society struggle finding workers to match their good intentions -- only 35% of undergraduate students majoring in ‘traditional’ data science subjects identify as women, with significant drop-offs in representation as we look to Master’s and PhD programs.

Data Science for All / Women is a unique fellowship program that helps women students and professionals develop into the data-driven leaders of tomorrow. The program includes seven weeks of world-class technical training, professional development workshops, and mentorship from senior industry leaders. Graduates exit the program with the skills, confidence, and connections they need to find their footing on a path to a successful STEM career.

This year's program includes 250 DS4A Fellows, selected from over 5,000 applicants spanning a dozen countries. Fellows include a diverse assortment of top PhDs, researchers, and early-career practitioners, along with executives who manage teams of data-driven professionals.

"Data literacy is increasingly becoming a requirement for all business leaders. Every industry is becoming more data-driven, and as they do, effective leaders must become data literate," said Sham Mustafa and Rasheed Sabar, Correlation One's Co-Founders and Co-CEOs.

"The DS4A / Women program is designed to meaningfully increase the number of qualified women leaders in data and analytics, as well as in product management, business intelligence, marketing, people analytics, financial trading, and every industry being disrupted by data."


About this Fall’s Class
DS4A / Women Cohort 4 Fellow demographic graph

Data Science for All / Women is provided 100% free-to-learners, thanks to the support of DS4A / Employer Partners including Jane Street, WorldQuant, and TIAA. For their support, Employer Partners are invited to participate in classroom activities, host private virtual events with DS4A Fellows, and recruit Fellows via C1 Connect -- Correlation One’s proprietary data science and analytics recruitment platform.

"Activating and empowering a passion for data science starts with training, experience, and mentorship - this program offers all three," said Orly Sharma of Jane Street.

"Data skills are central to the work we do at Jane Street, and they are also increasingly fundamental to pioneering work being done across the industry. We're proud to support this program which is helping intelligent, creative, inspired women to achieve their personal and professional goals through the power of problem-solving and data science."


"Data, technology, and expanding opportunity are central to our work at WorldQuant," said Jordana Upton, Global Head of Human Resources at WorldQuant.

"This DS4A initiative empowers women seeking to advance their careers, learn about subjects that are critical to the future of work, and expand their professional opportunities. At a time when data science skills are increasingly valuable in the workplace, WorldQuant is honored to partner with, and work alongside, Correlation One in this effort."



If your firm is committed to gender diversity in data science and analytics and wants to join on our mission to make Data Science for All, get in touch.