Correlation One Partners with Leading Global Companies to Increase Diversity in the Data & AI Jobs of the Future

We are delighted to announce the incredible organizations who are partnering with Correlation One to support Data Science for All / Empowerment, whose goal is to create equal access to the jobs of tomorrow. The support from our partner companies endows fellowships that allow participants to partake in world-class data training at no cost, and to receive mentorship from industry leaders. We are reimagining the pathway from training to the jobs of tomorrow and building a more inclusive AI ecosystem.

In a press release today, leaders from these organizations shared their perspectives and support of the program, and we're pleased to share their testimonials with you here.

Supporting Correlation One is aligned with our values as a company. We must stay laser-focused on tearing down systemic barriers for communities of color. Education is an important first step, but so is providing job skills training that enables people to lift themselves up. In addition, providing mentorship and empowerment are critical to helping people be successful. When one of us does better, we all do better.

- Frank Calderoni, Chief Executive Officer, Anaplan

Investing in initiatives that create greater opportunities for students of all backgrounds continues to be important to us at Citadel and Citadel Securities. This program will empower those underrepresented in data science with the tools and confidence to help make their aspirations a reality and will help shape the future of finance and beyond.

- Gerald Beeson, Chief Operating Officer, Citadel

Point72 is proud to partner with Correlation One on DS4A/ Empowerment to help increase diversity in the data science field. Data and AI are changing how industries operate, but ultimately these tools are only as effective as the people analyzing the numbers and building the models. We use data across our Firm and finding and training the next generation of great data scientists is critical to our success. Diversity is an integral part of that effort - our ability to succeed is dependent on people who see things other people miss and recognize developments other people do not.

- Matthew Granade, Chief Market Intelligence Officer, Point72

We know that while talent is equal, opportunities are not. That's why we at Match Group want to be a part of the solution and provide opportunities that will solve the pipeline problem in tech. Working with Correlation One to bring more opportunities to underrepresented groups is the first step in that direction.

- Shar Dubey, CEO, Match Group

Two Sigma is proud to support Correlation One in their efforts to make data science a more accessible career path. The combination of academic training and practical instruction in the Empowerment program is critical to developing the skillset needed, and we're optimistic programs like this will make a meaningful difference.

- Todd Bucello, Head of Quantitative Research Recruiting, Two Sigma

We are excited to be participating in Correlation One's Data Science for All (DS4A)/ Empowerment program, which aims to address unequal access to analytical skills for minority students and professionals. As an information services company, it is extremely important for us to be at the forefront of ensuring that we have diverse representation across all our colleagues! We are proud to be a sponsor of this important initiative.

- Jo Adams, VP in HR and Global Head of Academy, IHS Markit

Data science is central to Gilead's work in addressing unmet medical need around the world, and we are proud to support programs that provide access, training and networking opportunities in this field to underrepresented communities. This is one step in addressing broader challenges of equity, racial justice and representation. In order to build a truly diverse culture in the future, we have to create early opportunity now not only because it's the right thing to do, but because we know innovation can only thrive when we focus a diverse set of backgrounds, talents, cultures and voices on the challenges we face.

- Patrick Loerch, SVP Data Sciences and Biometrics, Gilead Sciences

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is honored to be a partner of the Data Science for All / Empowerment program. Amid increasing demand for data science and informatics professionals in every industry, including healthcare, people of color and other minorities remain vastly underrepresented in these fields. Our mission to deliver the best possible cancer care and research depends on our ability to engage new generations of talent from every community. Increasing access to opportunities in data science, informatics, and analytics for underrepresented groups is a high priority for our department and for Dana-Farber. It is also essential for innovation, which ultimately benefits our patients.

- Jason M. Johnson, Ph.D., Chief Health Information Officer and SVP of Informatics & Analytics, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Marshall Wace is proud to continue our relationship with Correlation One as we look to identify and invest in the next generation of data scientists. Diversity of thought is key to disruption and change and we are focussed on empowering students and young people to break through barriers to reach their full potential.

- Spokesperson at Marshall Wace

We are grateful for the support from each of our corporate partners, and remain inspired by their commitment to diversity and inclusion in Data Science.

If you are interested in being part of the Data Science for All initiative, get in touch!