Data Science for All (DS4A) / Empowerment provides free, world-class data & analytics training and career opportunities to members of underrepresented communities.  Our mission is to create equal access to the jobs of tomorrow.

With the support of our Employer Partners, Mentors, and Impact Partners, we are creating the largest and most diverse data talent ecosystem in the world.

At the Grand Finale of our Second DS4A / Empowerment cohort last week, 1000 fellows from Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented communities celebrated completing their 4-month training journey,  reflected upon their experience, and shared what the DS4A community means to them.  Furthermore, this jam-packed day of programming featured capstone projects from award-winning teams who received the opportunity to present to a live panel of distinguished judges.

We're so pleased to share some of the highlights from this incredible event here.

Our Cohort 2 in Review

Hear from fellows in the DS4A / Empowerment cohort 2 on their experiences in the Program.

Keynote Address: Evelyn Hurtado


Evelyn Hurtado, a first-generation college graduate from the University of California- Riverside and distinguished DS4A scholar, was invited to share her DS4A / Empowerment story with the group. 

In her powerful speech, Evelyn described her non-linear learning and career path and how DS4A offered an opportunity for her to earn her place in the big data economy. 

"Thanks to DS4A, I feel like Hermione again, I'm in love with learning again, I'm excited for what comes next, I'm excited to be part of Anaplan for All...I'm so thankful and grateful for DS4A, believing that giving a tool and skills to people from marginalized background matters, because it does. You have completely changed my life for the better!" said Evelyn Hurtado.

Keynote Address: Eric Hutcherson


Eric Hutcherson, Executive Vice President and Chief People & Inclusion Officer at Universal Music Group returned this Fall to deliver the Finale's Keynote Address.

He said to our fellows:

"DS4A was an idea,  a dream, and now not only is it a reality but you are the proof that investment was very well worth it. You're the proof that efforts and the work that Correlation One is doing is worth it. You're the proof that our industries and our businesses need more of you so we're going to keep doing it. You're the proof that you can invest in people who have desire, grit and huger, and you can give them skills and capabilities to be ready to take on their next challenge."

Speakers from Our Class

DS4A / Empowerment Instructors and Fellows offer final reflections on what they accomplished together and the community they have created.



Wenona Young is an educator who has taught and served in the public school system for 15 years. Currently, she is an education manager with a well know learning service and test prep company.

In this video, Wenona tells us about her data analytics story and her personal DS4A journey.

"Despite of challenges, there is a testimony in your test and a message in your mess. Participating in DS4A / Empowerment gave me the confidence to make decisions for both my professional and personal life and I'm grateful for that opportunity. So I feel free, I feel confident to try my own path and I owe that to all the experiences that I had with DS4A / Empowerment." said Wenona.




The Top TA Award was presented to Teneika Askew for going above and beyond in her contribution to the learning experience of Fellows.  

Teneika demonstrated excellence in her teaching approach and dedication to the learning and growth of the entire DS4A community. She led lectures and seminars that enhanced the academic, personal, and professional development of DS4A Fellows.  Throughout the program, Teneika proactively engaged in activities to enrich the community experience.  Thank you for everything you do, Teneika!

Capstone Project Awards

From the over 150 Capstone Projects submitted this Fall, 4 teams were selected to present at the DS4A / Empowerment Grand Finale.

Finalist Capstone Project: LA County: Internet Expansion Program


Team members: Francisco Razo Gomez, Gerardo Mora, Jassmine Rabii, Marlene Plasencia, Esparta Palma

Read more about this team capstone project here.


Finalist Capstone Project: PROJECT EARWORM - Analyzing Similarity and Shared Fanbases Among Universal Music Group Artists

Team members: Will Connors, Jose Diaz, Carlotta Hicks, and Madison Ramos

Read more about this team capstone project here.


Finalist Capstone Project: Is Your Hospital Bamboozling You? Helping Patients Shop For Medical Care in Michigan


Team members: Nadia Ayub, Junting Huang, Amber Johnson, Brionna Jordan, Nancy Njuguna, Kasole Nyembo, Evelyn Wangai

Read more about this team capstone project here.


Finalist Capstone Project: Farmacy?: Combatting the Effects of A Fast-Food Lifestyle with Vertical Farming Initiatives for Black and Latinx Communities in Southern USA


Team members: Ali Hussein Ali, Antoine Young, Kofi Oduro, Mandi Murphy

Read more about this team capstone project here.


Congratulations to all the project teams, and all participants of the DS4A / Empowerment Cohort 2!

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