The Data Talent Playbook

To compete in the AI economy, organizations need to attract and recruit top data scientists. Companies that invest in the data literacy of their organizations  - either through hiring or upskilling - will create existing advantages for themselves and their customers.

In reality, an organization doesn’t need a multi-million dollar recruiting budget to build a world-class data organization.  You do however need to understand the data talent market and apply a few proven strategies to build a world-class data and analytics organization.

In this playbook, we share our insights from having worked with leading data organizations across a variety of industries and geographies.  Specifically, we will guide you through the five steps needed to win the race for data talent:

  1. Discover Your Data DNA - Define what data skills you’ll need to reach your business goals
  2. Find Value in Undiscovered Talent - Reach great candidates that other companies miss with traditional recruitment methods
  3. Build a Diverse Team - Because a team with a diversity of thought, background, and experience creates better products 
  4. Elevate Your Talent Brand - Make your organization attractive to top candidates
  5. Upskill For Your Data Problems - Turn existing employees into data superstars
The Data Talent Playbook from Correlation One. five steps needed to win the race for data science talent, attract the best candidates, and turn existing employees into skilled data experts.

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