We're proud to shine a light on crowd favorite Capstone projects from the second graduating class of Data Science for All / Empowerment.  Capstone projects are a critical component of the DS4A / Empowerment curriculum in which teams get together to work on projects that solve real-world data challenges faced by today’s leading companies and public sector organizations.


TEAM 8: Product Recommendations System: A Fintech Analysis

Team members: Anina Dip, Franco Panario, Federico Ukmar, Rafael Zambra
TAs: Julian Miranda, Juan Betancur
Team 8 Datafolio

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TEAM 18: Assessing Delivery Success in The First Attempt

Team members:Mateus Ferreira, João Batista Matos Júnior, Fernando Gomes De Macedo, Moarah Pereira, Felipe Rosa
TAs: Rodrigo San Martin, Zachary Hervieux-Moore

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TEAM 23: Helping An Intelligence Market Prioritize Its Leads

Team members: Stacy Saint Paul, Susanah Diniz, Stela Poli Bichara, Thainá Souza, Amanda Barreto Cavalcanti
TAs: Daniel Quandt, Rafael Neves

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TEAM 40: The Impact of Covid-19 on Food Insecurity in NY

Team members:Cristian Campos, Ashley Agyeman, Lauryne Assa, Celeste Carrasco, Jasmine Grant-Phillips, Nick Hansen-Feruch
TAs:Mansi Parikh, Christina Valore

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TEAM 51: An Analysis of 4-year College/University Attainment for Underrepresented Groups in the Us

Team members: Maria Becerra, Sterling Pino-degale, Serena Young, Aissata Barry, Nashiva Mcdavid, Rachel Mcpherson, Chris Elibert
TAs: Anushri Jhunjhunwala, Sarah Dweikat

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TEAM 64: Food Insecurity In Mississippi

Team members:Alan Arellano, Shimira Williams, Bukie Adeleke, Adora Ndukuba, Felicia Letellier, Steffani Carrera
TAs: Emiko Sano, Kndia (KD) Davis

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TEAM 81: Are Mental Health Services More Effective Than Policing in NYC Public Schools

Team members: Sophia Jung, Cydnee Lane, Shaterra Neely, Desmond Beramendi, Aleiyah Springer, Paul Salcuni
TAs:Jonathan Schlosser, Kelly Hopkins

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TEAM 87: How Government Officials & Health Insurers Can Take Mississippi Obesity Rates from Its Summit Closer to Its Base

Team members: Faye Steele, Vidal Mangal, Chimezie Ndukuba, Lydia Olagunju, Nidal Jammal, Dionte Jones
TAs: Pooja Umathe, Rachelle Perez

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TEAM 98: How Does Internet Access Vary Per Zip Code?

Team members: Barb Tisi, Jessica Chavez, Alex Ramos, Inti Chomsky, Tarita Roy Choudhury, Faith Chua
TAs: Seyma Tas, Ali Aminian

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TEAM 113: Food Insecurity And Dollar Stores in The Contiguous United States

Team members: Inga Woods, Victoria Vega, Michael Soto, Maria De Leon Castro Lorrayne Miralha Marins Da Silva. Marie Socha
TAs: Revell Bell, Daniela Esparza

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TEAM 115: A Look at Obesity across Countries in the United States and An Interactive Tool to Counteract Its Rise

Team members: Matt Wolfe, Shevaughn Holness, Anthony Hernandez, Angela Brown
TAs: Betza Villarreal, Victor Ortiz

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TEAM 127: What Are the Key Drivers of Patient Retention?

Team members: Dami Fadele, Chad Morton, Friday James, Nick Larosa, Mohamed Toure, Lea Peters
TAs: Casey Kongpanickul, Serena Zhou

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TEAM 131: Identifying the Risk of Low-Income Displacement Throughout the United States

Team members:Latisha Wilson, Zaliya Morris, Lisann Barlow, Blessing Ogungbade, Manuel Gonzalez, Michael Ijeh
TAs: Shermeen Velani, Mariana Martinez

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TEAM 140: Is Mental Health A Nightmare? Employment Factors Driving Mental Health Outcomes

Team members: Tomas Miguel, Brandi Scott, Ashley Rousseau, Joel Rodriguez, Semiu Gbadamosi
TAs: Taylor Isom, David Hagmann

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TEAM 149: To The Moon: Predicting The Stock Market

Team members: MC Dias, Nicole Love, Rafael Suzuki, Orlando Garcia, Anthony Armendariz
TAs: Chris Earle, Christopher Gustave

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Congratulations to this team, their mentors, and TA, for this accomplishment! 

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Publish date: October 12, 2021